Kosher red caviar and salmon are now in America
A fresh outlook on healthy seafood
The main types of products are salmon fish and red caviar.
The symbiosis of modern equipment and qualified personnel allows producing high-quality products.
"Bering Seafood" is a company representing red caviar and salmon fish in America.
Extensive geography of deliveries in Europe and Asian countries.
Bering Seafood
When choosing fish products, it is essential to know their habitat and where they are produced. The Bering Sea is one of the cleanest water areas with a rich fauna. It is a wonderful habitat for the best salmon fish. The company's story, which has been conducting fishing and production activities for more than 20 years, started there.

The raw material of the largest fish processing plant is fish, which is caught in the rich and ecologically clean waters of the Karaginsky Bay — the Bering Sea.
Product range
The unique technology of instant processing of freshly caught fish, developed by company , allows you to save the maximum amount of vitamins and the product's high dietary and nutritional properties.
Frozen Far Eastern salmon
Sockeye caviar is the scarcest of all. It has a rich taste and leaves a bitter taste. However, it is so tender that it literally melts in your mouth.
Sockeye caviar
Pink salmon is the most typical example of the salmon family, so the caviar of this fish is the most popular and familiar to most people. It has a classic taste with bitterness.
Pink salmon caviar
The environmental friendliness of the raw materials from which Bering Seafood products are made is confirmed by the MSC standards. Furthermore, strict observance of sanitary norms and annual awards guarantee high-quality products.
High-quality products of the Bering Seafood brand are fish and red caviar, which remains fresh even after freezing. It is achieved by using innovative technologies. As a result, Bering Seafood products are pure and natural, without preservatives and added flavors.
The company’s products have repeatedly won the "Best Product" and "Innovative Product" awards at major exhibitions such as WorldFood, SeaFood, and Prodexpo.
In addition, the company has passed the voluntary certification "Made in Russia", which is a sign of high quality and trust.
— protein,
— magnesium,
— zinc,
— omega-3,
— vitamins A and D.
Caviar reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack, and the vitamins A and D contained in it help fight some cancers.

The beneficial properties of this product have a positive effect on the brain, heart, and other organs and also pump the immune system, which is especially important during a pandemic that has swept the planet.
One spoon of caviar is rich in microelements. It contains a large number of fats essential for the body and all omega acids:
Red caviar is no longer just gourmet cuisine and luxury. Today, this product is considered to be a superfood. To ensure the health of the body and support immunity, it can be consumed regularly.
Salmon caviar goes well with butter, light cream cheese, sour cream, and eggs and bread. It has a bright and unique taste and can be an excellent addition to many dishes and transform them qualitatively.
For example, simple potato pancakes can easily turn into a luxurious treat. You just need to add a little sour cream and red caviar to them, and caviar canapes or tartlets are always welcome on the festive table.
This delicacy can qualitatively transform breakfast because sandwiches with red caviar or a soft-boiled egg garnished with delicious salty caviar are a delicious and healthy start to the day and will give you a boost of energy and a good mood!
    Over the past two years, we have worked closely with the best chefs of prestigious restaurants, who have highly appreciated the quality of our products.
    Now the products of the company are presented on the US seafood market.
    Geographic coverage of Russia's market: from Kamchatka to Kaliningrad. Deliveries abroad: Latvia, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Belarus, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, China, Singapore, Thailand.
    We are very grateful to our customers throughout Russia, the CIS countries, and the EU for their high appreciation and love for our products. Our strong relationships with our partners only confirm this.
      • Sarah Lewin
        Project manager in Pixels
        "Vostochny bereg" Far Eastern salmon salted caviar. Sockeye salmon caviar from Kamchatka is insanely delicious. It is produced in Kamchatka and has the perfect taste. It is crumbly and has no liquid, films, and low-quality eggs. One of the main products of the New Year's and post-New Year's table is caviar. This year we were fortunate - the caviar was excellent, and there was a lot of it: one jar of half a kilo was given by relatives from Kamchatka, and several small jars also from Kamchatka, were presented to my husband. I will now tell you about one of those jars. I'll start, perhaps, with unusual packaging, in terms of design or convenience. It is an upside-down jar. Metal jar with a lid on the bottom. If the lid is turned upside down, all the text will be upside down.

        The manufacturer is Vostochny Bereg LLC, located on the shore of Ivashka village, Kamchatka Territory. The plant is seasonal, which is the best. They caught a fish, immediately took out the caviar, salted it, and packed it. It allows for avoiding a complex chain of intermediaries. The product contains nothing but caviar, salt, and oil. The fishing area is also indicated. Caviar is frozen and can be stored for a year with the temperature not exceeding minus 18 degrees. It was presented to us in mid-December, and since then, it has been safely in the refrigerator, so it has long been defrosted, and nothing happened to the caviar at all. The jar is metal, and the lid is plastic and reusable. You opened it, put caviar on bread, closed it, and put it in the refrigerator. Caviar is perfect. It is crumbly. Chum caviar is not very large. There is the bare minimum of salt, no crushed eggs, no film, and no liquid. It is simply the best factory caviar I have ever had.
      • Samuel Willson
        Creative director in DD agency
        "Vostochny bereg" Chum salmon granular frozen caviar. Delicious salted caviar. It is tasty, crumbly, lightly salted, delivered, and stored frozen, which means you can buy it in advance and store it until the occasion. It's not often that you can treat yourself with such a tasty delicacy as salmon caviar. We usually buy it for the holidays. Recently, I bought a jar of expensive caviar for a birthday feast in a nearby store and was terribly disappointed in the taste. The planned appetizer was spoiled along with the mood. So I decided to prevent such incidents by trying several different products in advance. I ordered a jar of salmon caviar online. My choice fell on caviar from "Vostochny Bereg" LLC. It is produced here, in Kamchatka, Russia. The "Vostochny Bereg" company is about 20 years old. It produces quite a lot of fish products, but it was my first purchase from them. Such caviar is stored and sold only frozen. The store brings it frozen, so if you do not plan to eat it soon, you should put it in the freezer. The caviar can be stored for up to a year from the moment of production. I just kept it in the freezer for a few weeks. Before consuming, the jar must be taken out of a freezer and placed in the refrigerator. Keep in mind that it will take at least a night to defrost. The manufacturer does not recommend defrosting at room temperature, so I have not tried it. After being overnight in the fridge, I opened the jar and tried the caviar. I must say that the product composition is pretty decent, and apart from the additive E422 (that is, glycerin), there is nothing else added. E422 is considered safe for humans. According to the packaging, the caviar is made in accordance with GOST. Caviar is tasty, large, and without mucus and film. The taste of caviar also did not disappoint. It is lightly salted, rich, and melting in your mouth. One of the best among those I've tried.
      • Alex Larkins
        Founder of Pic Pen studio
        "Vostochny bereg" Red salmon granular caviar. Earlier, the packaging was a tin washer-like can. This year everything is new, so the packaging has changed too.

        It is a trapezoid with slightly beveled edges. It has a harsh and dark background, against which the caviar plays with new colors but is not lost. The manufacturer did a great job with the packaging.

        Glass is recommended for seeing that the composition of the product is good. But, unfortunately, it is impossible to see what's inside the metal packaging.

        How to store it after opening a jar if, for example, you will not consume it at once? In this case, there is a plastic cover. You can store caviar with it for about a day. After all, your stomach will not approve more, and storage in the open tin can for a long time is not recommended. Therefore, it is possible to store this caviar for a short time.

        We are used to seeing caviar in a slightly watery substance, like jelly, when opening a jar. Here, the caviar is packed in a jar to capacity, as if it had been tamped down, while it did not lose its physical characteristics and remained absolutely intact.

        1. The caviar is even but with slight irregularities and "spaces", which is a sign of naturalness. Perfect round eggs say more about an artificial sample.
        2. Visually, each egg was shiny and without any clots.
        3. There are no dried eggs. It means that there were no problems with the tightness of the jar.
        4. There was no plaque and sediment on the walls and bottom - either the glycerin sucked everything out, or the quality was good.
        5. There is no plaque on the caviar itself, which means that it must be natural.
        6. Red-orange eggs are optimal in color - not too dark and not too light - about 5 mm in diameter and a thin shell that easily yields to pressure in the mouth.

        Taste and smell
        1. When biting, the eggs do not stick to the teeth, which is definitely good news.
        2. Moderately salty, but not to the point you want to drink water.
        3. Very tender, bursts in the mouth, not in a jar.
        4. Not viscous. There are no bursts in a jar. Therefore, it does not turn into a mess when using it on the sandwich.
        5. I've tried caviar many times and sometimes got the bitter aftertaste. But not at this time. Exceptionally taste of salmon without foreign impurities.
        6. In addition to just a delicious snack product, it is rich in protein, vitamins, and Omega-3 acids.
        7. The aroma is slightly fishy, but not like herring.
        8. Naturally, it gives a lot of endorphins and positive emotions.
        9. Reduces cholesterol levels.
        10. It also normalizes blood pressure.
      • Alex Larkins
        Founder of Pic Pen studio
        As a doctor and a great fish lover, I always choose a product for my family from a scientific point of view.

        Wild Far Eastern salmon live in the natural conditions of the Pacific Ocean and the cleanest full-flowing rivers, feeding on phytoplankton and then krill, and not run into civilization and humans. Salmon meat is rich in a natural antioxidant, astaxanthin, and Omega-3 fatty amino acids, which slow down aging. In addition, fatty acids have a beneficial effect on brain cells, improving memory and attention. The inclusion of a large amount of Omega-3 in the diet can increase life expectancy by a third. In addition, salmon meat is rich in potassium, phosphorus, chromium, and vitamins B1 and PP. Phosphorus is responsible for the strength of bones and teeth, energy synthesis, and is also involved in the construction of cells, so salmon is especially needed nutrition for a growing organism. Potassium helps fight fatigue and depression. Eating salmon strengthens the immune system, stimulates metabolism, lowers cholesterol, fights inflammation, stimulates the brain, and prevents cardiovascular diseases.

        Wild fish caught in the ocean, in the most remote end of our country, cannot be delivered fresh to the buyer for obvious reasons. Instead, it is shipped to stores frozen. Valuable nutrients are preserved as much as possible in frozen and canned fish; however, it is best to choose fish processed directly from the sea immediately after being caught so that you can be sure of the quality of the product. Therefore, my choice fell on the products of the Vostochny Bereg company. They process and freeze products immediately in the same place where they catch them. Plus, they use shock freezing, which means that the fish will retain all its nutritional qualities after defrosting. All this information did not disappoint me. It is a delicious fish that my whole family appreciates.
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