About Bering Seafood
When choosing fish products, it is essential to know their habitat and where they are produced. The Bering Sea is one of the cleanest water areas with a rich fauna. It is a wonderful habitat for the best salmon fish. The company’s story, which has been conducting fishing and production activities for more than 20 years, started there.

The raw material of the largest fish processing plant is fish, which is caught in the rich and ecologically clean waters of the Karaginsky Bay - the Bering Sea.
The main types of products are salmon fish and red caviar.
The plant is a seasonal complex equipped with modern high-tech fish processing equipment that allows the processing of up to 600 tons of finished products per day.
Wide geographic coverage includes Europe, and Asian countries.
Short production times, blast freezing, and advanced packaging solutions help preserve caviar's unique benefits and great taste without preservatives.
Bering Seafood is a company that represents delicacies in the United States.
The symbiosis of modern equipment and qualified personnel makes it possible to produce high-quality products.
All stages of production are carried out at the fishery site, which allows controlling the quality of raw and finished products in full. Thanks to that, the time between catching to packaging is no more than four hours.
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