Salmon fish such as pink salmon, chum, coho salmon, and sockeye salmon have a bright flavor and a huge list of nutrients in their composition. Therefore, these types of kosher fish are prevalent among followers of Judaism. Today, our company is the world's largest supplier of these products. Our factory is the first and the only enterprise in the world today with an orthodox kosher certificate.

The presence of these products in the market is significant for the American Jewish community, as there is no substitute for the fish and red caviar our company supplies.
There are no less than fifteen well-known manufacturers of delicious and decent caviar worldwide, but none of them can replace our supplier with an orthodox kosher certificate.
Obtaining an orthodox kosher certificate is a resource-intensive process. It took the company a whole year from the beginning of preparation for certification to getting all the necessary documents. During this time, substantial financial resources were invested; the plant had to shut down entirely for a month to rearrange the production lines. This ensured a high purity level of any place and equipment which would come into contact with the company's kosher fish products.
Also, did all the required work on the additives used. Unlike other manufacturers, we do not use preservatives based on animal fats. This contradicts both the kashrut rules and the company philosophy. For this purpose, specialists have developed high-quality 100% organic glycerin from natural ingredients.
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