The unique technology of instant processing of freshly caught fish, developed by company, allows saving the maximum amount of vitamins and high dietary and nutritional properties of the product. The process of making caviar, from catching fresh wild salmon to freezing the finished jar, takes no more than 4 hours.

In addition, a unique storage method allows preserving all valuable micro and macro elements in caviar for two years without adding dyes, preservatives, and other flavoring additives.
The environmental friendliness of the raw materials from which products are made is confirmed by MSC standards. Strict adherence to sanitary standards and annual awards guarantees high-quality products.
High-quality products of the brand are fish and red caviar, which remains fresh even after freezing. It is achieved by using innovative technologies. As a result, products are pure and natural, without preservatives and added flavors.
Far Eastern salmon fish salt-frozen granular caviar.
Far Eastern salmon frozen;
Far Eastern salmon fish salted caviar granular;
Salmon caviar frozen;
The unique technology of instant processing of freshly caught fish, developed by company , allows you to save the maximum amount of vitamins and the product's high dietary and nutritional properties.
Frozen Far Eastern salmon
The delicacy is highly valued among other types of caviar. It is second only to Chinook caviar, which is considered an endangered species. Chum salmon caviar is called royal for its amber luster, large grains, and delicate creamy taste.
Chum salmon caviar
Sockeye caviar is the scarcest of all. It has a rich taste and leaves a bitter taste. However, it is so tender that it literally melts in your mouth.
Sockeye caviar
Pink salmon is the most typical example of the salmon family, so the caviar of this fish is the most popular and familiar to most people. It has a classic taste with bitterness.
Pink salmon caviar
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