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Main dishes and options for cooking salmon

Salmon is perhaps the most popular fish in the whole world, almost everyone loves it, and for many, it is much more preferable than any meat. And due to the denser texture compared to the meat of white fish, salmon impresses with a vast number of dishes that can make it.

The most straightforward, most common, and at the same time easy to prepare are lightly salted salmon dishes when the fish is ready to eat.

For example, a variety of rolls with salmon. Take a thin slice of a cucumber and put a thin slice of lightly salted salmon on it. Next - curd cheese and roll everything up. Taste - gentle and pleasant, refreshing. For more nutrition, you can add avocados, greens, and arugula. Also, instead of cucumber, hard cheese is suitable. Lightly salted salmon is wrapped in pita bread, a pancake, and even in a thin omelet and is varied, beautiful, simple, and delicious.

The beloved classic Caesar salad is increasingly offered with salmon instead of chicken. The ingredients are the same: lettuce, fried croutons, an amazing delicate anchovy-based sauce, and Parmesan cheese, but lightly salted or smoked salmon is added instead of chicken fillet.

By the way, you can cook lightly salted salmon yourself. This is another popular dish. For 2-2.5 kg of salmon, 6 tbsp. spoons of salt and 2 tbsp. tablespoons of sugar, as well as allspice and bay leaf to taste. Next, place the fillet in an airtight form or bag for further salting. Depending on preferences, one can consume salmon after 2-4 days: the longer the fish is in shape, the saltier it will be.

If you are confident in the freshness and quality of the fish, why not try sashimi, a Japanese raw fish dish. The dish is straightforward: you need to get the required amount of fish and cut it into thin slices on a plate or tray. Sashimi is mainly consumed with soy sauce or teriyaki sauce, as well as with ginger and wasabi. This provides a broader range of flavors. If you buy fish from the Vostochny Bereg brand (Bering Seafood), you will get a quality product, sashimi, which will be completely safe.

The Nordic countries have contributed to the preparation of salmon, offering the whole world to try stroganina. The salmon fillet is frozen; after complete freezing, the fish is cut into thin slices and then laid out on a plate. Most often, dill and allspice are added to frozen salmon slices, and the fish is sprinkled with vegetable oil, sometimes lemon juice. This dish is distinguished from sashimi by its consistency; salmon, due to "frozenness," becomes more solid and dense.

Another popular dish also comes from Japan - onigiri. It is necessary to prepare boiled rice (not crumbly but sticky) for its preparation. Next, the rice is laid out on cling film, and cooked salmon is placed in the middle, after which everything is neatly formed into a ball and pressed on the sides to give a triangular shape. At the end of the formation, the film is removed, and a small strip of nori (pressed seaweed) is stuck to the onigiri for ease of eating.

How about the Peruvian ceviche? The salmon fillet is cut into small pieces and then marinated in lime, orange, and lemon juice. After a few minutes, add finely chopped onion. For a large impregnation with juice, this mixture is placed in a mold and sent to the refrigerator for 30 minutes or 1 hour.

Very popular, especially as the main dish, is salmon cooked whole or steaks. Considering that it takes 20-25 minutes to cook salmon in the oven, which is much less than the time it takes to cook meat, this is a very convenient and tasty, healthy way to please yourself and your guests. Baked fish, for example, in foil seasoned with lemon, will be a worthy dish on the festive table.
Grilled salmon has a unique flavor. Marinated for a couple of hours in teriyaki sauce and grilled, it turns out to be tender but with a rich taste and a pleasant smoky aroma.

Well, undoubtedly, the most delicious way to cook salmon is barbecue! To obtain an exquisite taste, must marinate the fish, it can be in rice vinegar or even in dry white wine (be sure to dilute the marinade liquid with water in a ratio of 1:5), and leave for several hours so that all the juices are absorbed into the fish.

Next, send the salmon to the grill or skewer and cook on the grill. There are a lot of recipes for this dish, and they differ on the preferences of everyone.

These are just the main dishes and options for cooking salmon. Those who are already fans of this type of fish know and can cook much more. But beginners should take note of the above and start eating fish with proven recipes.