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What is the Salmon Festival, and where does it take place

The Indians deified the salmon, believing that this fish is a supernatural being and carries a blazing fire inside. But salmon was revered not only by the Indians. In many countries of the world, salmon festivals are held at different times.

The Swedes are the first to start a series of festivals dedicated to salmon. This festival has been around for almost twenty years. Usually, up to 150 teams take part in it - from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia, Denmark, Germany, and other countries. The Swedish city of Karlshamn (which hosts the Salmon Festival) is one of the centers of fishing tourism throughout Europe. Fishers from many countries come here from the end of April to the beginning of November. The city has long been famous for its catches of large tasty salmon, so it hosts the Salmon Festival every year. The Salmon Festival is an international competition in which participants compete in the ability to catch the largest specimen of this species of fish. Every year, one of the fishermen catches a salmon weighing more than 20 kg; world records are also recorded here. The fisherman who caught the most significant salmon is awarded the title of "Salmon King." In addition, all winners are required to receive prizes. The festival is held in May on the banks of the Merrum River, as in May, salmon begin their journey up the river.

And next in line is the Norwegian Salmon Festival, which is merrily celebrated in Surnadal in Norway in June. Sometimes it is called the Semuzhny Festival. Naturally, the main event is fishing and a fishermen's competition. Still, there is a tasting of all kinds of salmon and other salmon fish, concerts by Norwegian and foreign musicians.

Further, at the beginning of July, the baton for the Salmon Festival is taken over by Holland. The holiday lasts three days. On opening day, the highlight is the arrival of Miss Fisheries, who is selected annually by a special commission. This is a young girl, a native of Bruinisse, and necessarily from a fishing family. In general, fishing here is inherited. Most often, these are small private companies that own personal fishing boats and are engaged in extracting fish and other seafood. The chosen Miss Fisheries, together with the burgomaster and other employees of the municipality, will work throughout the next year to promote the village and improve the lives of residents. She appears in a beautiful evening dress at the celebration with a ribbon over her shoulder, indicating her status. After a short speech, she sits in the passenger seat of an open car and drives around the village, waving her hand to greet all the celebrants. This is her job for the next three days. And the guests and participants of the festival have fun, participate in contests and competitions, including fishing, and taste salmon dishes in the Dutch style.

In Finland, the Salmon Festival begins in late July - to early August. This is a real culinary and sports competition. Experienced fishers compete in the skill of catching fish, and grateful visitors enjoy delicious dishes and entertaining performances. A large-scale festival in Helsinki coincides with the Salmon Fishing Championship. Events are held in the very center of the Finnish capital, in the waters of the Merisatama harbor. The salmon festival in Finland has long become more than just a fishing competition, and this day has turned into a fun holiday for the whole family.

There is a salmon festival consisting of a series of festive events in Russia. It's called "Salmon Keepers" or "Let's Save the Salmon TOGETHER!" A series of celebrations in honor of salmon begins in late August or early September in Kamchatka. Fishing competitions are held at the festival. Both men and women participate in them. The winner is awarded a prize, a figurine in the form of a bird sitting on a fish. The festival also awards medals for the kindest deeds. And, of course, there is a tasting of salmon dishes.

A vast fair unfolds, where the products of local producers of fish and red caviar are presented to the guests. A colossal line always gathers at the counter with the company's products "Vostochny Bereg" (Bering Seafood). This is a recognized world leader in the fishing industry, so foreign guests and tourists tend to taste the company's products right at the place of its production and processing.

The Salmon Festival moves to suburban Portland in the US Northwest in early October. In Oxbow Park, located on the Sandy River ("Sandy River"), many people gather.

The Salmon Festival has been held for fourteen years in a row. It is an excellent opportunity to unite the efforts of all those numerous services and organizations involved in conserving nature in the unique beauty of the Northwest of the United States. Salmon itself is key, extraordinary, but still just an excuse to talk to people about much broader issues. And talk interesting, fun, and informative.

Since salmon is a very popular, tasty, and most importantly, healthy fish, and there is a tendency to reduce its population, such Salmon Festivals may appear in other countries shortly to draw even more attention to this genuinely royal fish.