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What is "Lots of Salmon," and how is the project connected to the "Vostochny Bereg" (Bering Seafood)

"Dark kitchen" (from the English Dark kitchen) is a restaurant with no hall and visitors, and food is prepared exclusively for delivery. Inside, dark kitchens are divided into zones: a storage area for regular and frozen foods, a hot shop, and an order issuance area. At the same time, in one room you can cook a variety of cuisines - both Asian and European.

Dark kitchens open outlets to prepare and deliver meals in 15-30 minutes within coverage. Therefore, everything is debugged here: there are checklists and tight timing for each stage.
Lots of Salmon is a dark kitchen project created by friends a few years ago. The main idea was to make top dishes with a high content of salmon in the composition. Often in restaurants, when ordering sushi or salad with salmon, the consumer receives a small amount of fish and feels that they saved a lot on it. And you want to feel at home: a good piece of salmon deliciously salted on a slice of the freshest bread.

The "A lot of salmon" project is the middle price segment, and the dishes are somewhat more expensive than the typical "delivery food" - pizza, sushi of dubious quality, burgers, and wok. But by increasing the price, the quality of the dishes and the ingredients used in them is significantly improved. The project developed rapidly, quickly reached a significant profit, and now allows you to have permanent suppliers of fish products. The company "Vostochny Bereg" (Bering Seafood) was chosen as the main company as a guarantor of salmon's quality, freshness, and naturalness. There cannot be low-quality fish in the Lots of Salmon project; this is the main ingredient in the milestones of the dishes offered, can say the "face of the restaurant," and should pay great attention to product suppliers.

More recently, the project has begun to participate in charity, supporting the Urban Animal Protection Fund to help in their good cause. This is another reason why Lots of Salmon chooses the Vostochny Bereg (Bering Seafood). The Far East Company puts the protection and preservation of the wild Pacific salmon population at the heart of its activities. The catch is carried out at a special time, when the fish is fully mature and only comes to spawn, not having time to succumb to structural changes. After spawning, the salmon dies and then becomes the prey of predators. Timely catch provides the country's population and foreign countries with fresh, high-quality fish while not reducing its numbers.

In general, it must say that most Japanese restaurants trust the Vostochny Bereg (Bering Seafood) as a supplier of ideal salmon. Of course, we are talking about large chain restaurants, the cuisine of which is not cheap. Natural quality fish is not cheap, but you can be sure of its freshness and benefits for the body.

Moreover, the project authors claim that they decided on a dark kitchen with salmon only when they were convinced that there was a reliable supplier of redfish. To do this, watched a lot of information and TV shows where the quality of fish of one or another producer is analyzed and analyzed. The founders of "A lot of salmon" made sure that the products of "Vostochny Bereg" (Bering Seafood) met all possible international quality standards and had titles and awards, such as "Best Product" and "Product of the Year," etc. Working with her, the chefs are always confident in their dishes, their taste and quality, the gratitude of the restaurant guests, and most importantly, in their return more than once. It is worth a lot when such a reliable and trusted company among the suppliers.